“I feel so supported by this program and your staff. The (tele-monitoring) equipment keeps me accountable. It’s a game to me - to keep my vitals stable. Thank you."

-Sam S.

“It has made it more simple for us to have quality time at home instead of spending our time in the hospital.”

-Carol M.


“In knowing that our patients feel empowered by the program and supported in their healthcare, I know the program and Ideal Life is making a difference in our patient population.”

-Erica F.


“I was always under the impression that I had no problem with my BP. I realized that that wasn’t so. Taking my blood pressure one or more times a day has been a big help.”

-Chun S.


  “I appreciate the newest technology and being involved with better ways to take care of our patients. I feel better being able to “check in” on what is happening.”

-Lisa P.

"Ideal Life changed my life and took away the stress from my family members who have to constantly care for me.”

-Harold M.

“The clinical productivity tool allows us to monitor a patient’s health as they take their readings remotely. We can provide them feedback on where their readings stand and contact them if it’s an irregular reading.”

-Megan L.

“Thank you for watching over me. You have given me comfort and hope.”

-Richard N.