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About Ideal Life

From childhood he remembers his grandmother whispering to him, “a mother could take care of 10 children, but 10 children cannot take care of one mother.”  It would be many years later, when founder and visionary of Ideal Life, Jason Goldberg, would embark on a journey that would ultimately challenge that very notion and question, how do we care for our aging loved ones? 


It was the 90’s, after spending a number of years in technology based companies Jason Goldberg thought it was time for a more formal business degree and made the decision to go back to school.  In preparation for a future MBA degree, he decided to work on a business plan ahead of applying.  Jason always had a true passion for creative innovation working on many projects and ideas, so with a degree in anthropology, he leveraged his research skills and holistic approach to assess the feasibility of leveraging technology in a whole new manner to better connect individuals and their caregivers (both personal and professional).  After investing in research, product development, and testing, he decided it was right to continue on the path and he founded Ideal Life.  Realizing the venture was taking on a life of its own and commanding new skills in business growth and management, he reached out to his recently retired father, Harvey Goldberg, an experienced and successful entrepreneur and convinced him to spend some time to assist him on his journey when needed.  


Ideal Life soon found itself implementing programs with leading healthcare organizations and help fashion the novel idea of scalable implementations for health connectivity solutions.  


Ideal Life quickly commanded the attention of many multi-nationals has since grown into one of the largest remote health monitoring or health technology based companies in the world.  Today, his original vision has grown into an industry leading, easy to use platform that has improved the lives of thousands upon thousands of chronically ill people and reduced health expenditures to the tune of millions upon millions of dollars for many organizations.  Needless to say, Jason never made it to business school. 


For over 15 years, Ideal Life has been spearheading the connected health revolution by fundamentally changing the way technology is leveraged and implemented across the broader healthcare landscape.  While utilizing intelligent design principles to deploy the right technology based infrastructure and tools, the healthcare industry today is better serving individuals and patients, caregivers and professionals.  As an ISO 13485: 2003 CMDCAS certified organization, Ideal Life serves many of North America’s largest organizations along with the broader global community.  The Ideal Life platform simplifies how we track, learn about, and manage health conditions while facilitating a proper channel for communicating health information.

"Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, whatever we came up with had to be easy to use and easy to implement..."

-Jason Goldberg
Ideal Life Founder

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