The Ideal Life platform simplifies how patients, doctors and caregivers track, learn about, and manage health conditions.  Ideal Life monitors and manages chronic conditions, spearheading the connected health revolution since 2002.

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How Ideal Life Can Help


Doctors, nurses, insurance providers and other


People who care for others with chronic conditions.


People who want to take charge of managing their health conditions.

What People Say

Testimonials from people who have benefited from Ideal Life


  • "...I believe that working with Ideal Life has improved my life, as much as the patients'..."


    -Janelle Driscoll

    Project Manager, South Boston Community Health Center, Verizon Foundation

  • “Ideal Life changed my life and took away the stress from my family members who have to constantly care for me.” 


    -Lloyd McIntosh

    Ideal Life Patient

  • “It has made it more simple for us to have quality time at home instead of spending our time in the hospital.”


    -Rebecca Garner

    Daughter of Ideal Life Patient

What Conditions Can Ideal Life Monitor?

Remotely monitor weight fluctuations to help reduce hospital visits

Receive notifications when oxygen saturation is low

Remotely track highs and lows on a daily basis

Ensure readings are tracked in and out of the doctor's office

Leverage technology to proactively manage weight

Monitor peak flows and trend results to more proactively manage outcomes

Assess compliance with and efficacy to treatment

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Ideal Life is a fully integrated technology based company that delivers solutions for the connected health industry.  As a leader in the space for well over a decade, Ideal Life spearheaded the revolution long before the many names entered the landscape.  Terms include:   healthcare technology, health tech, mhealth, mobile health, connected health, telehealth, telemedicine, remote monitoring, remote health monitoring, remote patient monitoring, internet of things in health, and mobile care. We leverage home and mobile based technologies to capture biometric readings, and feed actionable data to care providers and the EMR via the Ideal Life secure cloud. We are one of the largest and most successful remote health monitoring providers, with programs throughout the United States along with programs in Canada, Australia, Brazil and the Middle East.